Air-air Transshipments

Air-Air Transhipments - Creating New Connections

Jupiter is the first network to profile Air-air Transshipment Solutions Providers, bringing a new dimension to the airfreight industry.

For the first time, we maintain a comprehensive list of companies that are able to connect airlines like never before. With this, we are able to create connections that airlines are unable to do, offering an array of new connections worldwide.

What is air-air?

Air-air solutions providers are typically freight forwarding companies that have the capability to handle customs documentation to accept an inbound shipment ‘under transit’ from an airline, and on forward a shipment to another airline.

When is it normally being used?

A. Regional Transshipment

When are airfreight forwarder sends a shipment to a regional hub, which is then on forwarded to the region.

Example: Frankfurt – Singapore Multidestination Consolidation – On-forwarding to Region Vietnam/Cambodia/Myanmar

B. Global Transshipment (Long Haul)

When are airfreight forwarder sends a shipment to a global hub, which is then on forwarded to a long haul destination

Example: Hong Kong – Amsterdam – Sao Paolo , Shanghai – Dubai – Nigeria

What are typical air-air transshipment hubs known to everyone?

Transshipment hubs that are known to the industry are Dubai, Singapore, Miami, Amsterdam

Are there any air-air transshipment hubs undiscovered?

Most definitely, Jupiter Cargo Network is at the forefront of listing out and making known the solutions exclusively for network members.

When profiling air-air solutions, we are particular about the costs involved, the time required and make it known to our members what the handling instructions are. It is important that prior to sending out shipments, handling requirements are cleared out with the transshipment solutions provider.